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Beautifully Fun

What do you get when you have a DJ for a groom, a photographer for a bride, and a guest list filled with many other wedding professional? One heck of a wedding party! This edit was challenging because of the thousands of cute, entertaining, and funny moments to chose from. We absolutely LOVE this couple.


An Albany Wedding To Remember

With an all star cast led by Marina & Pete, here is a trailer for an uproarious romantic comedy about love and adventure! The setting is the great Franklin Plaza of Albany. The night … was one worth remembering. Special thank you to the couple who sent us a warm felt card! {Supporting Cast} Photography:


“Journey of a Lifetime”

“Journey of a Lifetime” is a romantic story staring two musicians who fall in love living many continents apart. They met working onboard the Carnival UK vessel and traveled the world together! While we edit their romantic story, feel free to watch and share their trailer. Just keep the popcorn and tissue nearby! This wedding


The Story of Us

Shot live on location at Dunham’s Bay, “The Story of Us” is a romantic comedy about two people who met with the help of their friends and their mutual love for music. David and Renee will make you laugh, cry, and keep you on edge as the surprises and stories unfold. Feel free to share


Wet Weddings Are Just As Fun!

At some weddings, the guests sit around and share stories of the past. NOT at Kayla’s and Anthony’s wedding!! Their love for friends, karaoke, super heroes, dance, and each other is clearly obvious in this film! With a soundtrack performed by Funk Evolution, this love story will make you laugh, cry and get up out


Kayla & Kevin – Cinematic Wedding Trailer

The story of Kayla & Kevin can be summed up in one sentence. They love to kiss! Kissing can be defined as a touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire or greeting. I’m pretty sure our loving couple intended all three of those actions on October 4th! This romantic comedy is


Riverstone Manner

Blood or not, Ajay is like a cousin to us and it was an honor to shoot their wedding! The family band that I grew up with, The Electric City Horns, played as the lead singer is Ajay’s Dad. We had a blast and hope this trailer holds you over until the full feature wedding


The Princess Diaries: Crystal & Rob

“Dear Diary, magic starts in the most unexpected places! Here is a video of our Ever After”. For Crystal & Rob, we were fortunate to capture a piece of this magic on video! The full feature video is just about to be released. Meanwhile, please check out this Coming Attraction. Videography: Best Bytes Media

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