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Cathleen & Mike – A Long Island Wedding

Cathleen & Mike – A Long Island Wedding from Best Bytes Media on Vimeo. This is a romantic story about two people, with a love for music, who come together & start a lot of ‘treble’! The all star cast includes the beautiful Cathleen Finch and comedian Mike Finch. Shot on the beautiful shores of


Kayla & Anthony – Wet Weddings Are Just As Fun!

At some weddings, the guests sit around and share stories of the past. NOT at Kayla’s and Anthony’s wedding!! Their love for friends, karaoke, super heroes, dance, and each other is clearly obvious in this film! With a soundtrack performed by Funk Evolution, this love story will make you laugh, cry and get up out


Funk Evolution – Live Encounters Video

1 year and 4 LIVE shows in the making! Check out Funk Evolution as they take over: – The Empire State Plaza – Saratoga City Center (First Night) – Peddler’s – Jillian’s Block Party This video show cases a year and the life of this high energy band and their incredible fans all set to

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