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Video Killed The Written Text

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How many of you still use a phone book? Not counting the little boy who sits on one at the table in order to reach his plate. The days of letting your fingers “do the walking” through the Yellow Pages have evolved into letting your fingers do the sliding over a tablet screen…and similarly, the internet has evolved from reading text to watching online video.

Recently, my wife and I were out to dinner at a restaurant and the couple next to us were showing each other videos on their tablets. Video is mobile. It’s everywhere – on watches, billboards, automobile head rests and even on gas pumps! You can take a video tour and experience a house, car, or a destination spot just by clicking a button. That’s tough to do with written text.

Today, almost every business has a web presence. According to ComScore, Google is ranked as the number one search engine. YouTube is ranked number two which alludes to the fact that people are searching for video content almost as much as they are for plain text. ComScore also reported that in June of 2014, 186.9 million U.S. internet users watched online videos for an average of over 1,300 minutes per viewer!

So what do all these numbers really mean? Professional video on your website is an opportunity to connect with others via the web. If a website is the face of a company, then video is the voice and the tablet (or iPhone or computer) is the television.

As a multimedia producer, I’m constantly doing research and watching online videos to keep up with new trends. Technological advances in video will continue to give companies new opportunities to be creative with their online marketing. Video hosting sites will continue to provide higher quality uploads and faster playback. Video will continue to change and evolve with your business!

An interesting, engaging, and relevant video on your website will speak volumes about the quality of your business.  I’m sure many of you would rather have watched an entertaining video blog than read this text commentary.

What will you do with video to take your business to the next level?

Daniel Ross
Filmmaker, Editor, Visual Story Teller

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