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Home For Joe – Episode 1 – Gary Sinise

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Follow us as we raise money to build Tech Sergeant. Joe Wilkinson a home!

Joe, 33, suffers from a degenerative nerve condition that has left him partially paralyzed. He is a father who can’t walk, his bladder doesn’t function and his muscles are weakening. Joe’s chronic condition is believed to have been caused by toxic chemicals in Iraq.

This episode includes the following events on 4/28/12:
Samson’s Bar & Family Restaurant
Armory Concert With Gary Sinise & The Lt Dan Band


I can’t begin to explain the emotions the crowd radiated at the Armory as they stood to welcome Joe. Award winning actor Gary Sinise (CSI NY, Forrest Gump) is also one heck of a bass player! His band, The Lt. Dan Band, as well as “Odd Man Odd” were awesome!

Joe is not only extremely humble, but his family and friends are in his corner to help him see this home built! Don’t let the wheel chair fool you … Joe Wilkinson is a stand up guy!

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