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Best Bytes Media Wins Metrolands Readers’ Choice Awards.

Albany Video Production by Best Bytes Media






Every year, the Metroland publishes a “Reader’s Choice” poll in which fans vote for their local favorites. While shooting on set last week, I kept receiving text messages indicating that we won “Best Local Multi-Media Artist”!

We truly thank everyone of you who took the time to vote for us! Sure, the win is by popularity and not talent, but it only goes to show you our fans are loyal and love what they are seeing! It really makes winning that much sweeter, knowing it came from the public.

Here is the finalists:

1. Best Bytes Media
2. Heidi Phillipsen
3. Mike Feurstein.

According to the Metroland: “Best Bytes videography vied with indie filmmakers and won by two votes.” Hey, two votes is two votes and we have YOU to thank!

~Dan & Jaime Ross



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